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Latest Updates: 01 March 2015


Attention Science Fiction Fans!


WANTED: USS Arcturus Stories!

All the USS Arcturus adventures published in the newsletter Sensor Scan between 1990 and 1993 that I am in possession of have been added to the Stories Archive.  But I know there were other stories I no longer have!


If you have any original USS Arctrus stories that do not already appear in the Fifth Fleet Stories Archive, please e-mail them to me for inclusion in the Archive.  I would like to be as complete as possible!



~The next issue of Subspace Chatter, Vol. 7 #07

will be published on Thursday, 26 March 2015.


Stories Archive Update:


The Fifth Fleet Stories Archive is being revised and updated.

The Webmaster will be adding classic Fifth Fleet stories over the next several weeks.


Earth Years 2163 through 2371 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s third season and Voyager’s first) have already been re-posted!



Check back often for new postings.




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