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Attention Science Fiction Fans!


The Federation Fifth Fleet Information Page

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Post-Crisis stories!  New Ships!  New Crews!



Earth Year 2393

ST: Fifth Fleet “J’onzztown

ST: Fifth Fleet “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

ST: Fifth Fleet “No Place Like Home”

ST: Starbase 719 “A Tale Twice Told”

ST: Starbase 719 “A Tale Twice Told – Pt 2”

ST: Fifth Fleet “Reformation of the Fleet”

            Vignette A

            Vignette B

            Vignette C

            Vignette D

            Vignette E

            Vignette F


Earth Year 2394

ST: Fifth Fleet “Reformation of the Fleet” (Continued)

            Vignette G

            Vignette H


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